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Classic Army AK-47 Real Wood SLR AK AEG Airsoft Gun




Classic Army Real Wood SLR Compact AK. Description: -Steel Metal Frame -High Performance Motor -Wooden Hand Guard and Stock -7mm Oily Steel Bearing Gear Box -Real Gun Logo With Unique Serial Number -Weight 3400.0g -Barrel Length 364mm -Barrel Caliber 6.08mm -Bullet Capacity 500 -Bullet 6mm BB -Initial Bullet Speed 300-330 fps This gun is real wood and steel.its known to be one of the strongest airsoft guns on the market. NOTE: Gun does not come with a black tip, battery, or charger. By Law, ALL Airsoft guns sold by ActionVillage.com will come with at least 1/4 inch of the barrel tip permanently colored in blaze orange.

  • The AK-47 has been used successfully by military forces worldwide for years and has spawned a whole line of different models. The CA SLR-105 Compact is based on the latest designs of the Kalashnikov series of assault rifles. This newest model has a shorter barrel similar to a carbine. It features steel construction making this one of the sturdiest airsoft rifles available. Also, the SLR-105 Compact includes a real wood hand guard and full stock. It has the ability to mount optics with its steel AK style side scope mount. And, in keeping with the AK tradition this CA comes with a 600 round hi-capacity magazine. The hi-cap magazine and the ability to take a large battery in the full stock will give you an incredible advantage in any skirmish.

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