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Bob Long VIS Poppet Valve Engine For Victory, Victory V2, Ripper, & V-COM Markers




The new Bob Long VIS Engine is now available for your Bob Long Victory, V1, V2, Ripper, and V-COM. The Bob Long Victory Ignition System engine is the same ground breaking, high performance poppet engine from the VIS marker. The redesigned platform uses an aluminum bolt to reduce weight in the front, and a stainless steel ram shaft to keep it weighted in the back. The result will be increased accuracy and consistency, lower recoil and increased gas efficiency in your older Bob Long paintball gun.

  • Upgrades the Victory, V1, V2, Ripper and V-COM markers
  • Input pressure of 170 psi
  • Operating pressure of 70 psi
  • Threaded aluminum bolt tip
  • Stainless steel ram shaft
  • Easy, minimal maintenance
  • Increases consistency, accuracy, and gas efficiency

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