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Bob Long Reptile VIS Paintball Gun - Silver/Dust Titanium




The Bob Long Reptile VIS is a brand new gun from Bob Long based on the proven Marq platform. The VIS comes standard with a Poppet and Spool Valve engine. The user may choose which best suits their play style. The Poppet Valve has been completely redesigned to redistribute most of the weight towards the rear of the engine. By doing so, this has dramatically reduced the vibration in the gun which allows for an extremely smooth shot. The VIS was designed to shoot flawlessly at 15BPS. The new Poppet Valve engine is so smooth that it will shoot 15BPS and feel like it's not even shooting. The body features a solid design to help reduce vibration as well.

The Bob Long Reptile VIS is also one of the most air efficient guns to ever hit the market. The Reptile VIS is capable of shooting 16 pods worth of paint off of a 68/4500 tank filled to 4k psi. Don't worry about running a smaller tank, the VIS can shoot up to 10 pods worth of paint from a 45/4500 tank also filled to 4k psi.

The Reptile VIS comes standard with 3 barrel backs and a 14" barrel tip.

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