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Bob Long Onslaught Paintball Gun - Dust Titanium/Dust Orange




Introducing a radical new look and bolt system, the Bob Long Onslaught Paintball Gun is a further refinement to BL's innovative Insight NG. The Onslaught is the new flagship marker from Bob Long, delivering the most advanced technology the sport has to offer. The push-button release bolt engine introduces a spring-loaded soft tip bolt. This system works as active shock absorber to soften the contact of the bolt tip on the paintball, making the Onslaught incredibly gentle on fragile paint as well as slowing down the bolt return for a smoother shot. The bolt engine channels air that other markers vent to the atmosphere to return the bolt. This efficient use of air pressure enables the Onslaught to shoots 15 pods on a 68/4500 psi HPA tank.

  • Radical new body cuts
  • Push-button engine removal
  • Spring-action soft-tipped bolt
  • Incredibly gentle on fragile tournament paint
  • Gas efficiency of 15 pods per 68/4500 tank
  • No external airlines
  • On/off ASA

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