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Arena Industries Flakjak Airsoft Goggles - Coyote




Arena's Flakjak goggle is the ultimate weapon in the fight against the forces of nature. Whether you are about to fast rope from a helicopter or kick in a door, the Flakjak goggle will keep you in the fight. The enemy should never be your equipment, which is why Arena Industries invented Razorback‰̣ۡå¢ anti-fog technology for its Arena brand of eyewear. Couple that with the industry's leading peripheral vision goggle employing our OptiWide‰̣ۡå¢ lens geometry, and you have a lethal combination... your vision, our goggle.

Razorback‰̣ۡå¢ technology is the system interface of multifaceted technologies to create a goggle that manages the environment triad of fogging, particulate and moisture.

OptiWide‰̣ۡå¢ is our patent pending lens geometry that masters optical clarity and bends it beyond all periphery to create the industry's leading field of view. All lenses exceed ANSI Z87.1 standard.

BMRF‰̣ۡå¢ stands for our Buckle Management Retention Fastener. The BMRF allows for quick and easy strap replacement in any condition. The modular buckle system allows the goggle to integrate with multiple helmet platforms.

VS Foam‰̣ۡå¢ is proprietary goggle foam designed to wick moisture away from your face.

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