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APE Rampage Board For Tippmann A5 E w/ Powershot Solenoid


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Complete Drop in solution! This item comes already soldered together with Switch, Capacitor, Battery Connector, EXCLUSIVE PowerShot Solenoid and of course the Rampage board!

Just Replace your existing internals with ours!

Direct Circuit Board Replacement for the Existing E-Grip
Features a state-of-the-art RISC Microcontroller
Weather resistant Conformal Coating
Extended Battery life - Almost 3 TIMES!
Push button mode selection to change Firing Mode
Visual LED Mode Indicator

Standard Code has 7 firing Modes
- Semi Automatic
- Turbo+
- Full Automatic
- 3 Round Burst
- Response
- Rampage
- X-Mode

Tourney Code has 5 firing Modes
- PSP3
- Semi Automatic
- Rampage
- Turbo+

User Programmable
- Rates of fire from 15 to 25BPS!
- Adjustable Dwell and Debounce
- Programmable Ramping and Turbo mode

1 year warranty

No Soldering Required! This is a user installable item!

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