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APE Rampage Board For The Smart Parts Shocker




The Rampage Shocker board gives you the MOST comprehensive controls over your Shocker - EVER. Over 50 Setpoints along with some new features such as the built in battery meter that indicates your battery's strength on the LEDs, one-touch firing mode selection, marker stats including Lifetime Shot Counter and Five fully configurable profiles that allow you to instantly reconfigure your marker for different events. Another feature built into the Rampage Shocker board is the dedicated solder point for attaching the Pulse Loader RF Chip!

The Rampage Shocker board comes with 8 base firing modes including our Rampage 1 & 2 (3-step define your own ramping), PSP, NXL, Semi, Burst, Reactive and true Full Auto. When in firing mode, simply tap the Power button to cycle through the different modes.

Some features carried over include our Trigger Trainer mode with Peak and Average pull rate displays and our exclusive iFault eye control for the most dependable eye operation anywhere.

The Rampage Shocker works with Break-Beam and Reflective eyes so it will work in virtually any Shocker including the Nerve!

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