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APE Rampage Board For The Invert Mini/Empire Axe




Unmatched Features

Completely Trigger Programmable!

5 User Programmable Profiles allows you to Instantly Reconfigure your marker

Built in Stats track: - Shots Fired, Trigger pulls, Peak pull rate and Battery strength

User selectable Eye type ÌÎÌö Eye Queuing or Series Processing

Four separate LEDs make programming easy and intuitive

Press and Hold the Power Button at Startup to display the battery strength

- Release the Power button and youíÊre instantly in firing mode!

Just tap the power button on the back of your marker to change firing modes.

Free Lifetime Code Updates!


Unmatched Marker Control

10 Base Firing Modes

Firing Cap (Capped or Un-Capped)

Max Global Rate of Fire with Eyes ON (10bps to 40bps)

Max Global Rate of Fire with Eyes OFF (10bps to 20bps)

Programmable Burst Mode Rounds

Programmable Reactive Pull Rounds

Programmable Reactive Release Rounds

Programmable Tournament Mode

Programmable Firing Modes Enabled or Disabled

12 Breakout Modes

Programmable Power Up Profile (5 Profiles)

Adjustable Anti Mechanical Bounce

3 Point Adjustable Solenoid Control

Adjustable Bolt Stick Dwell

Adjustable Bolt Stick Reset Time

Adjustable Breech Load Delay

Adjustable Bolt Return Delay

5 Eye Modes

Programmable Auto Shut Off

Programmable LED Controls

Programmable 3-Step Ramping with Rampage 1 & 2

- Each Mode has 13 Individual Setting with over 18 TRILLION Combinations!

Built in Battery Meter

Trigger Trainer Mode

APEíÊs Exclusive iFaultÌÎ? Control

EZ Trigger Programming

Internal Tournament Lock


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