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ANS Complete O-Ring Kit 3x Rebuild (Bag) - G5




All of our o-rings meet Military (MIL) specifications as well as surpass other benchmarks. ̴Ì_We are confident that you are receiving the highest quality product on the market.

This kit includes all of the o-rings you need to do a full rebuild three times (other rebuild quantities available).

Our kits include the o-rings for your marker's firing assembly, and regulator(s); as well other o-rings you may need to replace on your marker. ̴Ì_Don't be fooled by our competition who may only sell you o-rings for part of your marker.

Note: Picture is for illustration purposes only and may not be exactly what you receive. You will receive the correct O-ring kit for your marker as indicated in the product name.

  • 007 - On/Off
  • 008 - Air Line (Top of Frame)
  • 009 - Reg Seat
  • 013 - Reg Piston
  • 013 - Reg Seat
  • 017 - Bolt (Front)
  • 017 - Breech (Front)
  • 019 - Reg (Top)
  • 019 - Reg Swivel
  • 020 - Back Cap (Middle)
  • 021 - Back Cap (Rear)
  • 13x2mm - Back Cap (Front)
  • 13x2mm - Reg (Threads)
  • 19x2mm - Bolt (Middle)

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