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2015 Valken Redemption Vexagon Paintball Harness 4+7 - Navy/Light Blue





Choose equipment designed to win! The 2015 Valken Redemption Vexagon Paintball Harness is the choice of professional and recreational players looking for high performance on the field. The Valken Vexagon Harness is loaded with features to ensure a proper comfortable fit, secure carry and smooth pod extraction for effortless reloading under fire.

  • Holds 11 pods (4 in pod sleeves plus 7 in external loops)
  • Dual wide & inner belt system lined with soft comfort neoprene. Ribbed and vented elastic with quick release pulls.
  • Compression formed articulation lets the pack flex with your body movement
  • Air flow channels to vent and reduce heat.
  • EVA foam padding to reduce pressure on the spine and keep the pack in place.
  • Zippered pocket between belts for secure money and keys storage.
  • Slick-lined pod sleeves that retain shape.
  • Tournament legal padded exterior.
  • Long Velcro on the sleeves to accommodate all pod lengths.
  • Elastic pod ejectors with slip-resistant pads for smooth release.
  • External pod loops that stow out of the way when not used.
  • Large rubber tabs on pod straps for a no-slip pull.

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