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Custom Products Remote with ON/Off ASA - Lifetime Warranty




New From Custom Products Paintball, check out the new remote kit. The CP On/Off remote kit comes stock with a CP mini On/Off asa. Once you screw in your tank to the remote, screw in the knob on the ASA and you are good to go. The ASA also has an auto bleed feature and with a quick twist of the ASA knob, your remote line is bled off and you can disconnect your line from the gun. The Cap on the ASA is fixed so you will never have to worry about losing it on the field. This remote is assembled and tested by Custom Products (CP) Paintball. The most important feature on this remote is the lifetime warranty. CP offers this warranty because this is the best remote on the market and they know it will work flawlessly. They are always problems on the field with leaking or broken remotes. Don't put yourself in that position; get a CP heavy duty remote kit.


  • CP Remote Kit
  • Lifetime CP Remote Warranty

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