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Lapco Air Cooled Machine Gun Shroud - 18"




Our LAPCO Air Cooled Machine Gun Shroud was made to resemble a WWII era 30 Cal Machine Gun. This product is made from high-grade aluminum with a diamond hard black anodized finish. Available in 8", 12", 14", and 18". Each shroud comes with an Allen-wrench and three sizing sleeves enabling this accessory to easily mount onto most barrels.

Note: These shrouds are labeled 8", 12" 14" and 18" because that is the barrel lenght that they match best with. For players who need exact lenghts of these shrouds it is as follows:

8" inch shroud is actually 6 3/4"

12" shroud is actually 10 1/4"

14" shroud is actually 12 1/4"

18" shroud is actually 16 1/4"

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