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New from Planet Eclipse is the Geo CS1.5 Paintball Gun. With design queues from the highly coveted CSR line of markers and pro CS1 paintball guns, the CS1.5 enters the market with a fresh overall design.

At the heart of the Planet Eclipse Geo CS1.5 is the IVCore Bolt System. The IVCore Bolt System is the benchmark for Spool Valve Technology, which offers extremely quiet shots and an incredibly soft shot perfect for brittle paint. Tournament players know that brittle paint can be a nightmare to deal with but the Geo CS1.5 marker eliminates any concern of breaking paint no matter which brand you use. Looking to play in hot and cold climates? The IVCore Bolt System is reliable and highly efficient no matter the setting.  

Included with each Geo CS1.5 marker is the Shaft FL Two-Piece Barrel featuring an overall length of 14.5” for improved accuracy. To keep consistent with being lightweight, the CS1.5 features a Carbon Fibre barrel front matched to the Shaft FL barrel back.

The all new Blade Trigger is completely adjustable to best suit the user. It features a flat, aggressive design that makes reaching higher rates of fire a breeze.

Also redesigned is the Low-Profile clamping feed neck. This new feed neck features a self-locking sprocket thumbwheel.

As with previous generation Geo paintball guns, the Geo CS1.5 marker features an AT2 POPS On/Off ASA that features a purge valve.

Firing modes on the Geo CS1.5 include Semi, Capped Ramping, and Uncapped Ramping. Changing modes through the large OLED screen located on the back of the trigger frame is quick and easy.

The aggressive milling in combination with the Carbon Fibre Shaft FL Barrel, shave weight by 90g from the outgoing Geo CS1.

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