Tippmann Straightline Barrel Kit 98 Custom 16"


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The Tippmann Straightline barrel kit is in stock and shipping out today.
Quantities are very limited so be sure to get your barrel kit now! Tippmann
Sports is excited to launch a new, special edition Tippmann Straightline barrel
kit. The new Tippmann Straightline barrel kit was created through a partnership
with HammerHead paintball, a longtime leader in paintball barrel design. The
Tippmann Straightline barrel offers unmatched quality and performance
characteristics. The Tippmann Straightline barrel kit has been in development
for quite some time and will give you the competitive advantage you need against
your opponents. The Tippmann Straightline barrel kit was developed with the
woodsball and scenario players in mind. The Straightline will give you the
accuracy you demand from a barrel and will make your team wonder how you are
shooting so much further and accurate than them. What makes the Tippmann
Straightline better than other rifling or sizing barrels? Gun-Drilling the
Tippmann Straightline Barrel kit Improves Accuracy by Producing an Ultra
Consistent Bore Size True Spiral-Rifling Controls Ball Rotation for Unmatched
Accuracy The Tippmann Straightline Barrel Reverse-Porting Combined With
Counter-Boring Improves Accuracy by Reducing Turbulence at the Barrel Exit
Optimized 2" Sizers Provide Maximum Ball to Barrel Seal with Minimum Air Loss
Improving Air Efficiency Designed Specifically for Scenario Play, the Longer 16"
Barrel Fits all X7 Shrouds, Features a Military Style Reverse-Ported Muzzle
Break, and Has a Matte Finish to Reduce Glare The Tippmann Straightline barrel
is sold as a Complete Kit, the Straightline Barrel Provides Everything You need
to Optimize Your Paintball Experience


  • Tippmann Straightline Gun-Drilled Barrel Improves Accuracy Through
    Unmatched Consistency in Bore Size

  • Tippmann Straightline True Spiral- Rifling Provides Scientifically-Proven
    Rotation for Accuracy and Control

  • Tippmann Straightline Three Sizers (.688,.685,.683) with Patent-Pending
    Seamless Connection

  • Tippmann Straightline Matches Ball Dimensions With Barrel Radius for
    Optimal Air Efficiency

  • Tippmann Straightline Removable, Reverse-Ported, Counter-Bore Muzzle Break
    Improves Accuracy by Reducing Turbulence at the Barrel Exit

  • Tippmann Straightline Deluxe Padded Case Provides Protection for Barrel
    and Sizers

  • Tippmann Straightline Barrel Kit is compatible with all Tippmann 98 Custom
    Paintball Guns
Manufacturer Tippmann
Barrel Type Kit
Thread Type Tippmann 98
Supported Marker Tippmann 98 Custom, Tippmann 98 Platinum Series, Tippmann Gryphon, US Army Alpha Black, US Army Carver One, US Army Project Salvo
Color Black
Bore Size .683, .685, .688
Barrel Length 16
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X Tippmann Straightline Barrel Kit 98 Custom 16

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