TechT Ion XE/Vibe/SP1 L7 Bolt System


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The super reduced weight of the Techt Ion XE, Techt Vibe and Techt SP1 bolt
is great for your gun. When you install this bolt, you will reduce the kick of
your paintball gun as well as make it more consistent. If you have any of the
paintball guns in the product name, this is the right bolt for you. The Techt
Ion XE bolt is very easy to install in your paintball gun and really does make a
world of difference. * Hand Polished Surfaces * Teflon Impregnated for REDUCED
ORING DRAG * The Highest Flowing Face and Air Passages along with it's
feather-lite design make it the best Ion Bolt in the WORLD.

The L7v2 is the latest in Ion bolt technology. It takes speed, accuracy and
reduced kick to the highest level in paintball. It literally makes your marker
shoot smoother than other marker. This includes markers that cost 5 times more
than the Ion. Due to the way that the Ion operates, reducing the weight of the
bolt allows for the lowest possible dwell settings and the highest rates of
fire. Its commonly known in paintball that the larger you make the firing
chamber the more you can lower your gun's operating pressure. The Tehct Ion XE
Bolt takes both of these ideas to the EXTREME!!! Due to our patent pending
<----(fair warning to all the wanna be copy cats) "back plug" design, the L7
has the largest firing chamber of any Ion bolt. This means it runs at the lowest
pressures possible. The new plug is a stationary part that is designed to seal
and maximize the size of the firing chamber. The front oring seals the firing
chamber, and the back one is used to hold it in place. This bolt has tested to
be the fastest and most accurate (consistent) bolt we at TechT have ever shot.
-It is compatible with all firing chambers and after market bodies. The L7 Bolt
System will now work with any: Ion, Ion XE, Epiphany, EOS, Vibe, SP-1 and SP-8,
just be sure to order the one that is made for the gun you have.


  • Less Kick

  • Greater Efficiency

  • Strong Chrono Performance
Manufacturer TechT
Supported Marker No
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Techt Ion XE, Vibe and SP1 Bolt Kit
X TechT Ion XE/Vibe/SP1 L7 Bolt System

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