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The Techt Invert Bolt (MASS REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY) has been engineered with
efficiency and consistency as the most crucial design elements. Over the last
few months we have tested many different crazy looking super light bolt designs
and had mixed results. After long months of testing on the field and shooting
over our high precision chrono, we found that using the stock type bolt face
oring as well as having no cuts between the two rear orings yielded the best
consistency and efficiency.

My results found that removing the stock-type face o-ring and replacing it
with a standard o-ring reduced our velocity at any pressure and dwell by about
15-30 fps and decreased consistency. We think its because the stock type o-ring
seals in the barrel really well. We also found that placing a groove between the
two rear orings for added weight reduction actually decreased consistency.
Instead of a standard deviation of between 3-4 FPS with no groove, we got a
standard deviation of about 15 fps with the groove. The Techt Invert Bolts are
our newest bolts that will produced less kick, peak efficiency, and great
consistency.The MRTv2 offers deeper cuts for greater weight reduction in bolt
the GOLD AND Delrin versions. The Techt Invert Bolt Delrin verison is about 60%
lighter than stock. We made two different bolts because we realize that some
people would like a metal bolt, while others prefer delrin. Both tested very
similar for us, so you really can't go wrong. The metal bolt weighs about 3
grams more than the delrin, however because it's metal it should have a longer
wear life. The Techt Invert Bolt is a great upgrade for you to get the best
performance out of your paintball gun and not break the bank.

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X TechT Invert Mini MRT Bolt System - Delrin

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