Stiffi One Piece Carbon Fiber Barrel - Spyder Thread 14" - Classic


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Our paintball barrels are made with advanced Aerospace Quality Composites and Processes. First, the materials, strength is greater when the right balance of carbon fibers and resin commingle. In order to achieve the strongest laminate we utilize materials that are made to our specifications with the proper ratio of fiber to resin with a tolerance of + 3% resin content. Next, patterns of prepreg (woven carbon fiber already impregnated with a toughened hi-tech polymer epoxy resin) are precision cut (to within + .005ö) on a computer programmed cutting table. The patterns are then table rolled onto a polished precision ground (to within + .0005ö) tool and placed in to a vacuum bag for curing. The tooling is critical as carbon has a zero co-efficient of thermal expansion (meaning it will not change with temperature or humidity) and we have a + .0005 tolerance on the bore size. The bagged parts are then ôAutoclave Curedö, a technique in which the raw material and tool are subjected to heat and elevated pressure for consolidation/curing while removing entrapped air or volatiles (which if not removed would leave a rough surface finish called porosity). The autoclave process also allows us to achieve the step in the bore and the 8-mil finish spec. After cure, the outside of the barrels are precision ground to a fine satin finish. We then drill and port the barrel to our specifications. The black anodized aluminum collar is then bonded to the outside of the barrel using a high-grade bonding agent. The all carbon fiber and our Jet Port design have proven to make this barrel one of the quietest on the market! At 53 grams (less than 2 ounces), it is 3 to 7 times lighter than any metal barrel. AndàSt!ffi is not just a name! Gram for gram carbon is one of the stiffest materials. Aluminum has a specific strength of 29.0, Mild Steel is 59.0à..and Carbon you ask!....well thatÆs just 2900.0 Yes we have the decimal in the right place!

  • Accurate . Light . Stiff.

  • Stiffi Barrels are made from advanced Aerospace Materials – Carbon Fiber.

  • At 53 grams (under 2 ounces) Stiffi Barrels are 3 to 7 times lighter than Metal Barrels.

  • Stiffi is the only All Carbon Fiber barrel on the market.

  • Stiffi's MicroJeweled bore creates a hi-tech polymer glass-like finish giving you unparalleled accuracy.

  • The only one-piece Barrel with a Stepped Bore!.

  • Proven to be one of the Quietest barrels on the market.

  • Zero co-efficient of Thermal Expansion Will not expand and contract with temperature changes, giving you consistent accuracy.

  • Rated as the Most Accurate barrel in the game .

  • Gram-for-gram the Stiffest Barrel on the market.

Manufacturer St!ffi
Barrel Type One Piece
Thread Type Spyder
Supported Marker Empire ER3, Spyder 04 Imagine, Spyder 09 Electra, Spyder 2012 Fenix, Spyder 2012 Victor, Spyder 2012 Xtra, Spyder Electra ACS , Spyder Hammer 7, Spyder Imagine, Spyder MR1, Spyder MR100, Spyder MR2, Spyder MR3, Spyder MR4, Spyder MR5, Spyder MRX, Spyder RS, Spyder RT, Spyder Sonix, Spyder Victor, Spyder VS1, Spyder VS2, Spyder VS3
Color Black
Bore Size .695
Barrel Length 14
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X Stiffi One Piece Carbon Fiber Barrel - Spyder Thread 14

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