Sof Shoe Soles - Shoe - Blue 7-8 1/2


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These soles are perfect for all paintball players. All Sof soles provide great cushion and really take the stress out of playing whether you are in a full out sprint to the fifty or standing around waiting for someone to take your objective.

In 1998, a group of health and fitness enthusiasts discovered a way to put greater comfort and performance into sports, casual and work shoes.

The Secret? IMPLUS, a revolutionary new material with extraordinary shock-absorbing and comfort enhancing properties. A breathable open-cell foam - that's also lightweight, strong and durable.

Today, IMPLUS is found in dozens of innovative products, where cushioning, comfort and performance are of the utmost importance.

All Sof sole insoles are bio mechanically engineered for maximum comfort and performance. Their unmatched comfort and foot conformation properties distribute the states of impact evenly. Sof sole insoles fit snugly in all types of shoes, will conform to your foot and feel great.
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X Sof Shoe Soles - Shoe - Blue 7-8 1/2

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