Blind The Video - DVD

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  • After 5  years of.... filming, bruises, rain, missed flights, kick
    outs, broken down vans, lost luggage, maybe next time, arguing, deadlines,
    hard work, worst enemies, illegal van activity, carpal tunnel, shit hotels,
    hangovers, high fives, relentless desire, sight-seeing, happy massages,
    fussing, new friends, broken cameras, sticky green, focused boards, going back
    for more, broken bones, best friends, lost tapes, boozing, cops, bar fights,
    nudity, blood, laughter, crashed hard drives, ground breaking skateboarding,
    conquered battles, pneumonia, mental breakdowns, rolling away....The Blind
  • Featuring: Ronnie Creager, Danny Cerezini, Jani Laitiala, Morgan Smith,
    Rob Lorfice, Grant Patterson, Felipe Ortiz, James Craig, Jake Brown, Jake


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Brand Blind
DVD Genre Casual
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X Blind The Video - DVD

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