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Shocktech Ion S.S.C. Body Kit - Grey


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Similar milling style to our first kit, same great looks and rugged dependability. Only we chose to cut reliefs as opposed to going all the way thru with ̫windowș. So you still get the killer custom look, without the 2 tone color combination. This version also features the same, easy to remove bolt out the back design as the original.

Machining relief̠s instead of windows means less machine time. Less machine time means we sell it for less. We save money, the distributor saves money, the dealer saves money and guess who else saves? That̠s right big guy (or girl) you save. And no, it doesn̠t weigh any amount more, that should concern you. So don̠t be skeeerd, we̠re talking .4oz̠s.

This body style is also a little easier to clean, no paint hits to sneak inside forcing you to take a shower with your gun, not that there̠s anything wrong with that. It̠s a really nice gun.

So you can save a little cash and still look hawt while doing battle

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