Planet Eclipse Ego Cure 4 Bolt


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The Cure 4 has been designed to reduce paintball fracture during the firing sequence caused by Bolt Strike. Bolt Strike is a phenomena seen when the bolt accelerates into the face of the paintball as it pushes it into the barrel prior to firing. The Cure 4 incorporates a soft leading portion of the bolt that not only reduces the impact on the ball being launched, but is also flexible enough to prevent clipping of the stack above the breech as the bolt drives forward. The design of the Cure 4 also means that the soft tip can be quickly and easily removed and replaced without the use of tools or adhesives, whilst the mechanical locking mechanism keeps it securely in place during use.

Fits all models of Etek/Ego providing stock bolt pin is used. (Bolt pin not included)
Manufacturer Planet Eclipse
Supported Marker PlanePlanet Eclipse 07 Egot Eclipse 08 Ego, Planet Eclipse 05 Ego, Planet Eclipse 06 Ego, Planet Eclipse 08 Ego, Planet Eclipse 09 Ego, Planet Eclipse Ego10, Planet Eclipse Ego11, Planet Eclipse Etek1, Planet Eclipse Etek2, Planet Eclipse Etek3, Planet Eclipse Etek4
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X Planet Eclipse Ego Cure 4 Bolt

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