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This is a book that you can give to someone who appreciates the sport, and to explain what paintball is to friends & family. Anybody who has played tournaments between 1995 and 2012, can identify and will have an awesome time going through this.

  • High quality book, 244 Pages, 400 Pictures

  • Paintball origins: Bob Guersney, national survival game, Beginning of NPPL

  • Paintball woods tournaments: USA and Europe

  • Stadium invasion, How paintball invades Stadiums.

  • The game: A dissection of the game. Every moments of a paintball game is focused, from the walking the field to the victory.

  • The players, A selection of 20 emblematic players.

  • The teams: All the biggest teams that have dominate the tournaments over the years.

  • The faces: People who live for paintball.

  • Paintball life: Living the tournament’s life.

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X Paintballer - The Paintball Book

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