Rufus Dawg Goggle LenSkins - Desert Camo


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Rufus Dawg Goggles LenSkins The one-way camo LenSkin is the perfect add on for your paintball mask. Personalize your goggles and enhance your stealth with our new trim to fit lens covers. The one-way pattern lets you see out with no problem but from the outside all you see is the pattern. Also drastically reduces the glare from the lens. Sizing and Fit: The LenSkin will fit all flat paintball goggles lenses up to 11" long coverage. Skin measures 5.5" x 11"

  • Professionally printed one-way self adhesive material

  • Easy to use, apply then trim to fit

  • Can be removed and re-applied multiple times

  • Available in multiple patterns and designs

Manufacturer Rufus Dawg
Supported Mask 2011 Invision I4, 2012 Invision I4, BT Avatar, Dye I3 Pro, Dye I4, Empire E-Flex, Empire Event, Empire Helix, Empire Vidar, Empire X-Ray, Extreme Rage X-Ray, Gen X Global X-VSN, GI Milsim Sleek, Invert 20 / 20, Invert Avatar, Invert Helix, JT Alpha, JT Carnivore, JT Elite, JT Flex 8, JT Invader, JT Pro-Flex, JT Raptor, JT Reaper, JT Spectra, Kingman High Lite, Proto Axis, Proto Switch EL, Proto Switch FP, Proto Switch FS, Save Phace, Sly Annex MI-5, Sly Annex MI-7, Sly Profit, Tippmann 420 Performance, Tippmann Army Ranger, Tippmann Valor, Vforce Armor, Vforce Grill, Vforce Profiler, Vforce Shield, Vforce Vantage
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X Rufus Dawg Goggle LenSkins - Desert Camo

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