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The Proto Primo Loader Is now in stock and shipping today! We have a ton of
the Proto Primos but they are selling out FAST!!!

Action Village is proud to introduce the brand new Proto Primo Loader.
The Primo Loader uses brand new patent pending technology which makes it the
fastest gravity feed loader in paintball. The Proto Primo Loader does not
require any batteries in order to feed paint. The unique spacer just above the
feed neck pushes paintballs to the front and back so you are essentially feeding
paintballs twice as fast. The Proto Primo Loader is powered by minimal agitation
of your paintball gun. The Proto Primo Loader helps to sort and funnel your
paintballs so you have a consistent feed of paintballs. This version of the
Proto Primo loader is the first of its kind with a positive feed shelf built in.
This is there in order to relieve pressure on the paint which allows for an
increased feed rate and less jams. The standard Proto Primo loader comes with a
clear spring lid so you can easily reload your paintballs in a hurry. This
version has a large capacity shell and holds about 200 paintballs when filled to
the top. Overall, the Proto Primo loader is a great and low cost alternative to
some of the more expensive electric loaders that roughly feed the same balls per

Manufacturer Proto
BPS 1-10
Capacity 200
Loader Weight 7oz
Color Black
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X Proto Primo Loader - Black

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