Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask - Skull


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You play paintball and think yourself a badass, right? Take a second and Google what the real operators in Afghanistan are wearing and you’ll see the same look on our Limited Edition e-Flex Skull goggle. Beside the wicked custom mask, it has all the best features of the e-Flex, the quick-change Vents lens, the bouncy Flex face and the super comfy Spectra foam..

The bottoms of the Empire E-Flex paintball mask detach and are completely compatible with regular Flex skirts and Specta frames! This means plenty of customizing for everyone.

The Empire E-Flex Paintball mask includes the Empire E-Vents quick change lens system, beefed up the ear pieces from the original Proflex, reshaped Proflex bottom to hug the face more and decrease the side protruding. The Empire E-Flex foam is from the Spectra so it's the most comfortable foam ever.

Note: The stock lens of the Empire E-Flex is clear. This limited edition Skull mask also comes with an additional Thermal Ninja Black Lens.


  • Skull Face…nuff said!

  • Includes 1 Thermal Ninja Lens and 1 Thermal Clear Lens

  • Vents system for rapid lens exchange

  • Thermal, anti-fog clear lens with zero optical distortion

  • Ultra soft and flexible face skirt with reduced silhouette

  • Pro style Empire strap with silicone bead

  • New e-Flex thermo-foam ear pieces

  • Hypo-allergenic super-comfortable ProFlex face foam

  • Lighter weight and improved breathability

Manufacturer Empire
Mask Visor No
Color Black, White
Mask Weight 12oz
Lens Color Smoke
Lens Type Thermal
Mask Coverage Front and Side
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X Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask - Skull

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