Proto Single Barrel 14" Tippmann 98 Threaded - Dust Black


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Increasing your gunÆs performance has always been a must, and having an accurate barrel is number one. Our proto barrels are made to the highest quality standards and are ultra accurate. These barrels go through a five step honing and quality control process to ensure each one is as precise as we designed them to be. Made from lightweight aircraft grade quality 6061 T6 aluminum for the perfect balance of weight and strength. Hard anodized color to match your style and also add a protective layer to your barrel for durability from scratches. Straight porting to keep your marker quiet and allow consistent airflow around the ball as it leaves the bore. Zero step diameter bore ensures consistent level. Proto barrels are 3D contoured, shaving off weight where you donÆt need it!


  • .690 bore size

Manufacturer Proto
Barrel Type One Piece
Thread Type Tippmann 98
Supported Marker Tippmann 98 Custom, Tippmann 98 Platinum Series, Tippmann Gryphon, US Army Alpha Black, US Army Carver One, US Army Project Salvo
Color Black
Bore Size .690
Barrel Length 14
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X Proto Single Barrel 14

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