Invert Carbon Fiber Barrel - Nightstick - 14" - Ion


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Invert Carbon Fiber Barrel Nightstick - 14".  The new Invert barrels are made using state of the art technology and have a very clean and polished finish.  For the price, the Invert Carbon Fiber barrel will be taking the paintball market by storm.  The light weight design makes it ideal for any tournament, scenario or recreational player.  The Invert Carbon Fiber Barrel Nightstick comes in a .692 Inner Diameter which will work with most types of paintballs on the market and is available in Spyder, Cocker, Tippmann A5 and Ion threading.

Overall for the price and quality, the Invert Carbon Fiber Barrel will get you the best bang for your buck.

  • Invert Carbon Fiber Light Weight Design

  • 14 Inch Length

  • Invert Carbon Fiber Barrel For Spyder, Cocker, Ion & Tippmann A5

  • .692 Inner Diameter

Manufacturer Invert
Barrel Type One Piece
Thread Type Ion/Impulse
Supported Marker DLX Luxe 1.0, DLX Luxe 1.5, DLX Luxe 2.0, GoG eNMEy, GoG eNVy, Gog eXTCy, GoG G1, Smart Parts EOS, Smart Parts Epiphany, Smart Parts Impulse, Smart Parts Ion, Smart Parts Shocker NXT, Smart Parts Shocker SFT, Smart Parts SP-1, Smart Parts Vibe
Color Black
Bore Size No
Barrel Length 14
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X Invert Carbon Fiber Barrel - Nightstick - 14

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