Lapco Ion Big Shot Apex Ready Barrel w/ Apex Tip - 12" - .690 - Dust Black


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Do you want a highly accurate barrel? Or do you want a barrel that can perform trick shots? Now players can get the best of both worlds with our "Apex Ready" Big Shot Barrels. This is not just another barrel adapter. We have modified our classic one-piece Big Shot now allowing players to mount an Apex Tip directly to our barrel. Remember, you can always turn the Apex action off or remove the Apex all together and still get the supreme accuracy that LAPCO Big Shots our known for.
Manufacturer Lapco
Barrel Type Two Piece
Thread Type Ion/Impulse
Supported Marker DLX Luxe 1.0, DLX Luxe 1.5, DLX Luxe 2.0, GoG eNMEy, GoG eNVy, Gog eXTCy, GoG G1, Smart Parts EOS, Smart Parts Epiphany, Smart Parts Impulse, Smart Parts Ion, Smart Parts Shocker NXT, Smart Parts Shocker SFT, Smart Parts SP-1, Smart Parts Vibe
Color Black
Bore Size .690
Barrel Length 12
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X Lapco Ion Big Shot Apex Ready Barrel w/ Apex Tip - 12

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