GOG Extcy Virtue Board


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GOG Extcy Virtue Board

  • Unlimited Adjustable Modes Including:

  • Semi Auto

  • PSP Mode

  • NXL Mode

  • Auto Response

  • Fully Adjustable Ramping

  • Breakout Mode

  • Full Auto

  • Automatic 10 Minute Idle Shut Off Saves Battery Power

  • Adjustable Dwell

  • Forced Clearing Shot When Eyes Are On - Just Hold The Trigger In For 1 Second To Dry Fire The Gun With Eyes Enabled

  • Adjustable Ramp Percentage & Activation Speed

  • One Touch Instant On

  • Advanced Eye Logic

  • Enhanced Trigger Sensitivity

  • Adjustable Rate Of Fire, 10.5bps To Unlimited

  • Adjustable Anti Bolt Stick Prevents First Shot Drop Off

  • Adjustable Anti Mechanical Bounce

  • Adjustable Debounce

  • Multi Color LED For Easy Trigger Programming

  • Expanded Non-Volatile Memory Saves Settings When Battery Is Removed

  • Power Efficient Software Up To 200,000 Shots Per Battery

  • Low Battery Indicator

  • 100% Legal, NPPL, PSP, NXL, Millennium Ready

  • Tournament Lock & Instant 15bps Ready Dip Switch

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Lifetime Free Upgrades

Manufacturer GOG
Supported Marker Gog eXTCy
Supported Loader N/A
Board Type LED
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X GOG Extcy Virtue Board

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