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Dangerous Power FX
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The Dangerous Power FX is a poppet valve design which is completely different than the G3, Revi or Spec R. The Dangerous Power Fusion FX has the bolt attached to the ram assembly which move together to fire the paintball. This system will give your Dangerous Power FX great accuracy, minimal kick, good efficiency and high rates of fire.

Throughout the design process of the Dangerous Power FX paintball gun, they have created a whole different type of paintball gun. The new internals of the Dangerous Power FX ensure domination on the paintball field.

The slim ram assembly of the Dangerous Power FX Paintball gun allows everything to operate quickly and smoothly. If you are looking for a great ASA on your Dangerous Power FX then look no further than the stock RAPS ASA System which is one of the best in paintball.

Manufacturer Dangerous Power
Color No
Gun Weight No
Tank Output Pressure High
Gun Type No
Hose-less No
Tool-less Bolt Removal No
Barrel Length No
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X Dangerous Power FX Paintball Gun

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