Smart Parts Freak Barrel Complete Kit - Autococker - Dust Black/Dust Black


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For complete accuracy and consistency, the optimum barrel system to
purchase would be the Smart Parts Freak Complete Barrel Kit. With a variety of
inserts, match your paint to bore size and you will instantly notice the pin
point precision in this barrel.
Manufacturer Smart Parts
Barrel Type Kit
Thread Type Autococker
Supported Marker Autococker, Azodin ATS, Azodin Blitz, Azodin Kaos, Azodin Kaos Deluxe, Azodin KP, Azodin Zenith, Bob Long 2K2 Intimidator, Bob Long Alias Intimidator, Bob Long Closer, Bob Long G6R, Bob Long Gen 4 Intimidator, Bob Long Insight, Bob Long Marq, Bob Long Marq Victory Pump, Bob Long Protégé, Bob Long Ripper Victory, Bob Long Vice, Bob Long Victory, Bob Long Victory V-com, BT TM-15, BT TM-7, Dangerous Power E1, Dangerous Power F8, Dangerous Power Fusion, Dangerous Power FX, Dangerous Power G3, Dangerous Power G3 Spec-R, Dangerous Power G4, Dangerous Power G5, Dangerous Power M3-A1, Dangerous Power Rev-i, Diablo Wrath, Dye D.A.M., Dye DM10, Dye DM11, Dye DM12, Dye DM13, Dye DM4, Dye DM5, Dye DM6, Dye DM7, Dye DM8, Dye DM9, Dye NT11, Empire Axe, Empire Mini, Empire Resurrection, Empire Sniper, Empire Tracer, Empire Vanquish
Color Black
Bore Size .679, .682, .684, .687, .689, .691, .693, .695
Barrel Length N/A
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X Smart Parts Freak Barrel Complete Kit - Autococker - Dust Black/Dust Black

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