Crossfire SS Unpainted Carbon Fiber Compressed Air Tank 68/4500 - High Pressure


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Sale Price $139.95

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The new Crossfire SS Carbon Fiber Air Tank

To start with the Crossfire SS 68/4500 bottle itself, it is produced with care in the Crossfire Kalamazoo, MI facility. All Crossfire paintball tanks go through rigorous testing in order to bring the safest and most durable tank to your gear bag. The bottles are wrapped from the best carbon fiber and are assembled in the hands of the Crossfire family.

The big hype of the Crossfire SS 68/4500 Tank is the new regulator which comes stock on all SS series bottles. The new SS Regulator has only 3 pieces and is the first rebuildable Crossfire regulator to ever hit the market. This means you will be hard pressed to find a tank regulator that will be easier to work on or have less problems.

The Crossfire SS Tank regulator comes stock with a new mini gauge which is much smaller and lighter than the standard Crossfire tank Regulator. Both the regulator body as well as bonnet are machined with flat surfaces on the side if the regulator needs to be removed or rebuilt. Now you can do it without causing damage to the regulator.

On the safety side of the Crossfire SS 68/4500 Regulator, there are two set screws on the regulator body which hold the regulator bonnet securely onto the regulator body. In addition to that, the dual burst discs (HP and LP) will keep you safe in the event of a bottle being overfilled or a sudden spike in the regulator output pressure.

Not only is the Crossfire SS regulator light weight, but it weights much less than all of its predecessors. Also, the Crossfire SS Tank comes stock with a brass bonnet (Threaded Portion) which is much stronger and durable than some of the other standard aluminum bonnets on the market.

Overall, the Crossfire SS 68/4500 is Tank proudly made in the US and is one of the best quality tanks on the market.

Manufacturer Crossfire
Tank Weight 2.1 - 2.5 lbs
Tank Pressure 4500 psi
Output Pressure 850 psi
Material Fiber Wrap
Gas Type Compressed Air
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X Crossfire SS Unpainted Carbon Fiber Compressed Air Tank 68/4500 - High Pressure

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