Exalt Rotor Feedgate - Black



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We are excited to now carry the Exalt Rotor Feed Gate for all Dye Rotor
loaders. The Exalt Rotor feed gate is manufactured from a soft rubber that is
held in by the top shell of the Rotor. Once the Rotor Exalt feed gate is
installed it will make filling your loader a breeze. The Rotor Feed Gate allows
you to easily dump a pod of paint into your loader without ever opening or
closing a lid. The weight of the paintballs push down on the one way paddles for
a speedy loading process. The fastest feeding and strongest clamp system! Rear
lip feature locates pods when loading Exalt Rotor Feed Gate the Dye rotor
Manufacturer Exalt
Supported Loader Dye Rotor
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X Exalt Rotor Feedgate - Black

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