NXe 08 Shield Elbow Pads


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The new NXe Elbow Pads are leaps and bounds better than their previous Flex Teck version of the pads. The New NXE Elbow pads come in 3 different sizes so you can get the ones that fit you just right. These elbow pads are very protective and will keep you super safe on the field. The NXE Elbow Pads are designed to never slip, bend easily at your elbow and allow your skin to easily breathe. They are very supportive and have a wrist strap to keep dirt, rocks and debris from entering the pad and making it uncomfortable to wear. Bicep Wrist Small/Medium - 10-14" 7-8" Large - 13-21" 8-10" XLarge - 17-24" 9-12"

  • NXE Elbow Pads - Triple layered impact absorbing elbow and forearm pad provides maximum protection and absorbs ball impact to induce bounce.

  • NXE Elbow Pads - Technically designed tri-core flexi-form elbow cup allows for superior range of motion while providing ultimate comfort and protection.

  • NXE Elbow Pads - Dobby weave ballistic nylon, skid resistant abrasion shield protects pad and wrist during slides.

  • NXE Elbow Pads - Moisture wicking vented Lycra and breathable neoprene provide all season comfort in any climate condition.

  • NXE Elbow Pads - Three Tiered Securing System

  • NXE Elbow Pads - Hand Sleeve: Lycra hand sleeve prevents slippage during play

  • NXE Elbow Pads - Upper Arm: Specially woven cushioned velcro-elastic securing strap ensures a custom, secure fit for any player.

  • NXE Elbow Pads - Lower Arm: Wrist securing strap provides protection and securely anchors pad.

Manufacturer NXE
Sport Paintball
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X NXe 08 Shield Elbow Pads

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