Custom Products CP 2007 07 Mini Dovetail On/Off ASA - Dust Black



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New for 2007
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The New Pro Mini On/Off ASA has all of the features of the 2K5 ASA in a new
Smaller and Lighter Package. This ASA use's what we call "System Bleed" and
"Virtual Resistance" Due to the fact that it has virtually no resistance at all
while turning it on or off. Simple to turn then snug it down with the last 1/4
turn to make sure that it stays on during play. System Bleed will bleed all the
air from your tank lines allowing you to easily remove your tank after degas.
Fits any marker with a standard dove tail.

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class=Apple-style-span>*NOTE* The picture is for illustration purposes only. The
color may vary slightly due to the anodizing process. The color may be darker or
lighter than what is pictured. *NOTE*

Manufacturer Custom Products
Color Black
Mount Type Dovetail
On / Off Yes
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X Custom Products CP 2007 07 Mini Dovetail On/Off ASA - Dust Black

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