2012 Bob Long G6R F5 OLED Intimidator - Lime/Gold



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Bob Long G6R F5
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This is the new 2012 Bob Long G6R Intimidator with OLED Board!

This gun has the same great features of the standard G6R
Intimidator but now features an Frenzy 5 OLED Board and Cam Drive
On/Off ASA!

Frenzy 5 OLED Board Features:

9 Firing Modes:

Semi-Automatic, Uncapped

Semi-Automatic, Cap Adjustable

3-Shot Burst, Uncapped

3-Shot Burst, Cap Adjustable

Full-Automatic, Uncapped

Full-Automatic, Cap Adjustable

PSP 3-Shot, Cap Adjustable

PSP Ramp, Cap Adjustable

Millennium Ramp, Cap Adjustable

The Bob Long G6R utilizes the popular stacked tube design from
the original Intimidator series paintball guns. The Bob Long
Intimidator has no external hoses or macro line. This ensures less
problems with the gun and makes the Bob Long G6R Intimidator one of
the most reasonably priced and reliable guns in the lineup.


Manufacturer Bob Long
Color Gold, Lime
BPS 20+
Gun Weight 1.5-2.0
Tank Output Pressure High and Low
Gun Type Electronic
Hose-less Yes
Tool-less Bolt Removal Yes
Barrel Length 14
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X 2012 Bob Long G6R F5 OLED Intimidator - Lime/Gold

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