2009 Empire E-Vents Paintball Mask - Black



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The 2009 Empire E-Vents Goggle System is a new, low profile goggle system
designed to present the minimum target possible while being soft and flexible
for comfort and to help keep you in the game by glancing/bouncing paintballs.
The soft faceplate of the ôtop modelö is re-enforced by a flexible yet strong
mouth guard which allows the front of the mask to flex on impact, but stops full
paintballs from pushing through or lifting it up, and thus protects your lips
and mouth.

These goggles have a special venting system designed to work functionally
with the way you breathe. The mouth vents are located so you breathe and shout
through the vents rather than into a large mass of plastic or rubber as with
other goggle systems. As your breath hits the front of the mask, it either exits
directly or is deflected sideways and outwards. There are specially shaped vents
which take the deflected breath and move it out from the face plate. These
specially shaped vents project your voice and warm breathe out to the sides, and
not up into the goggle. As your breathing warms the front of the mask, it heats
up dry air in the ôdemist guideö. This demist guide is specially designed to
prevent hot moist air from your breath getting through vents in the bottom of
the goggle. Instead, the heat is transferred to dry air in the demist guide
making it rise and move up across the lens of the goggle. As this air rises, it
draws in fresh, dryer air from the back and sides of the goggle. This allows you
to have a flow of air across the lens to help avoid fogging, while ensuring no
moist air gets from your breath into the lens area. Side baffles in the
faceplate prevent warm moist air from moving up into the goggle so your voice
and hot air is expelled in the direction you want it toà out through the mask.
The 2009 Empire Events ear pieces are designed to cup around your ears so your
ears can sit in a very natural position and your hearing with the goggle on is
just like it was without the goggle. We didnÆt put excessive cosmetic venting
into the mask like many other companies do, because it wasnÆt needed due to the
advanced design and to keep the smooth, clean lines that make paint more likely
to glance off the goggle and to make it easier to clean when paint does get onto
the goggle.

Manufacturer Empire
Mask Visor Yes
Color Black
Mask Weight 14oz
Lens Color Clear
Lens Type Thermal
Mask Coverage Front and Side
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X 2009 Empire E-Vents Paintball Mask - Black

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